The Sort Factory

What's new? April 18, 1999

This site is aimed to collect and broadcast knowledge on sort algorithms. Here, you will find sources in different languages (Pascal, Delphi, C, Java,..), documentations (tutorials, research papers, reports,..) and benchmarks to compare the algorithms.

 Introduction to Sorting under construction

 Internal Sorts 04/18/99

  • BubbleSort, ShakerSort, and so on...

 External Sorts

  • Two-way Sort Merge, Polyphased Merge Sort, and so on...

 Program sources 04/18/99

 Tutorials, papers, research reports, thesis


 Current personal projects

  • Beta Sort, a sort algorithm at least 3 times faster than QuickSort. (Benchmark)

 Cool links 04/11/99

I will appreciate to receive some materials in order to improve this site (please, e-mail message size < 1 Mo).

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